Dec 15, 2011

Manga review : Full Metal Alchemist.

Assalamualaikum :)

Today, Im just going to talk of a manga I've just finished reading and how much I totally loved it. I'm going to talk about Full Metal Alchemist :D

Okay so what's so good about this manga that got me so hooked that I would seat in front of my laptop for hours on end ? Well let me tell you first of the synopsis. This manga features Edward Elric as the protagonist. His brother, Alphonse Elric and him are on a quest to restore their original body. Edward Elric has a metal arm and leg whilst Alphonse Elric is a suit of armor with no body. This is because they tried to transmutate their mother who passed away. To achieve their dreams, Edward decides to be a national Alchemist, a dog of the army, a human weapon. On his journey, he finds himself in the thick of conspiracies and corruptcy. 

The few aspects that made me love this manga is :

Okay, the storyline is just soooo strong that it could even be written as novel form and I would still love it. I mean , it's got a lot of twists and surprises that made me want to just keep on reading. It has a prompt and straightforward storyline with a clear ending. Unlike other mangas such as Naruto and Bleach, this manga does not has many complicated stories, it has just one target, which is to acquire their old bodies and that was what happened. It's just too good, you need to read it to believe it :)

There's quite a lot of characters in this manga, and a lot of them dies as well. There's a lot of allies, and a lot of foes. There's also a character whom is an enemy turned ally because of personal desires. A lot of care is given so that readers would feel attached to the characters so that when they die, you'll surely feel the pain of losing someone. Every character is given a strong personality which makes readers feel anticipated and keep on reading to see what would happen to the characters.

Even though Full Metal Alchemist is a manga where a lot of people die and the concept of the Phillisophers Stone is quite dark, the humour in the manga is amazing ! Even in battles and bad situation, the mangaka manages tu insert some humour here and there to keep the readers in tears of laughter. I myself laughed out loud a lot during the process of reading the series [;

The whole manga sets in an imaginary place, but the setting is described so that everyone could imagine what the world in the manga would be like . It creates a whole new world with such ease that would make readers feel comfortable while reading the manga.

Woww, the ending was like lsjfl;asflksalfkjsg. SHOOT it was amazing ! I was likee , err okaaay wahh omagod T.T And tears ! Tears were streaming down my face like there is no tomorrow. I totally cried through the whole chapter like a baby. It was just too amazing !

Actually there are a few more cool things about this manga, but you would have to read it to explore these awesomeness yourselves ;D

Well that is all from me. I expect few of you to even read this, so to those that DID ! Thanks :) I appreciate you reading it and I hope that you try reading this manga also. As my final words, I'll quote from the manga itself.

" A lesson without pain is meaningless, for you cannot gain something without sacrificing in return. But once you have overcome it and made it your own, you will gain an irreplacable Fullmetal heart "


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