Dec 6, 2017

Emotionally sound


You know that feeling. When you've had a rough day, and you feel like you need someone to talk to, and they're not around, and this morning you made eggs that burnt and didn't come out nice and round shaped because the yolk messed up when you cracked it open, and you lie on your bed with your headphones in and all i want from kodaline comes on..... and you just spiral into the depth of depression.... That's how I feel right now.

Weird thing is, I wasn't even sad to begin with. But I guess being trapped in this room with 70 lectures to go through in 7 days while listening to depressing music was bound to make me feel something right? But I guess I always was an emotional guy. The other day during a Gorillaz concert, I nearly teared up during a song... Guess I was really in the moment huh hahaha.

Being emotionally sound though, being able to feel a wide range of emotions, and to detect emotion from others is a type of intelligence which I feel I've always had. That's how I could transfer these feelings into words. When I was a kid, I was definitely a crybaby. I was a serial cryer right up until I was 11. That's crazy now that I think about it. I remember many hard times when I was just biting my lips, blinking hard to keep down the tears. I remember crying when Andy passed his toys to the girls in Toy Story 3 when I was 15. Imagine that!

But I guess there's a source where all these emotions are coming from... It's my last study week in Dublin, and it's gonna be my last few weeks here. I wouldn't say I loved every moment of it, because it's definitely been tough. Being away from my favourite people, family and friends... being away from good food, away from my comfort zone. It made me stronger. But I've had some amazing memories here, getting to know new people, growing as a person. It's definitely been an experience which I wouldn't trade for any anything else. 

Welp i dont want to get too emotional now, not yet anyways, perhaps another post. 
And you know it's study week when you tetibe rajin nak tulis blog when you should be studying kan. Haha. 

Okay back to Respiratory diseases!

Mar 21, 2017



Hye guys. So as you can see above, I've gotten quite fat. But who cares right? Fat is good!! I need to bulk up cause one of my gym goals is not only to have good physique, but I wanna lift big heavy ass weights. And to lift big heavy ass weights, i need to just simply get bigger. And I lose fat so easily it's fucking eery. I did bulking last year but stopped halfway because I thought I looked fat, but then I lost weight like in about a month with regular lifting. So yeah, thank you good genes!

Eat to bulk. It's not that bad, cause I enjoy eating. Especially after you lift, your body will just be screaming for fuel and that really helps your appetite. So the trick to gain weight is you have to consume calories more than you will use. So how much tu don't ask me la you could Google yourself, i'm not your fitness guru. Okay so everyday I have the same breakfast (which is kinda my favourite meal) of 2 eggs. 2 sausages, and half a can of baked beans. Then lunch and dinner with rice and chicken. Lots of chicken. And my between meals supplement of protein smoothie, which is 3 scoops of protein, banana and honey.

I know it may look kind of extreme, but it's really fun making weight gains, and looking different in the mirror every time, making strength gain in the gym. Every time you raise your performance and improve your workout, you get a little euphoric with the sense of achievement.

But remember, it's the journey right.


The Pump

What is the pump?
The pump is when you're on Super Saiyan mode. It is when you're body is a fucking boner. It is when blood rushes to your muscle, causing hypertrophy, rendering a superhuman figure to your once stickly body.

Your huge bro, just saiyan
It is like looking for gold at the end of the rainbow. When you look in the mirror, you see someone that you could be, but you will never be, cause you're pump is always gonna be bigger than you bro.

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