Jan 26, 2016


1.22 a.m.

Salam. It's been a tiring day. Today (or yesterday) was the first day of class for semester 2 and I'm absolutely knackered. I promised myself to start blogging again since the day I flew here but knowing me, I've procrastinated even when I had nothing to do over the winter break (six weeks of mereput-ing) eh that sounded so wrong macam mereputing. puting. lol.

But guess what guys I'm here in Dublin! It's only been about 4 months but I've done my best to make Ireland feel like home for now. I'm only gonna be here until December next year so I've to make every second count, and to be particularly honest, I'm not proud of my first semester here.

The first semester was definitely what I'd call the 'honeymoon' semester, because I absolutely flunked it. I spent my mornings skimming through the lecture notes and the rest of the day watching movies (what a bad medical student I must sound like). But putting the past to bed, I'm turning over a new leaf. I've decided to be a proper student this second semester and i'm gonna put all my effort into studying and trying to achieve for the cloudy skies of dublin for the term exams (Cause Dublin is always cloudy see).

By the way I'm studying in University College Dublin (UCD) and it's probably one of the most famous Universities in Ireland, says me. It's just outside the Dublin city centre and it has quite a large campus with admirable sports facilities.

I hope I'll be able to write more over this semester and I'll be able to share what life is like here and also of my adventures and travels. But until then, I need to get to sleep because I have dissection tomorrow and it's only the second day.

And I have dancing practice cause I'm gonna be performing at a Malaysian night soon.

Yours truly,

Irfan Nukman was here :)

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