Feb 22, 2016

Neko Atsume

3.20 a.m.

I miss cats. I have loads of them back at home. Cats are awesome. When you rub their back and they purr, it makes your heart purr as well. When they do silly things like ask you for food and you have to literally wave the food right in front of their eyes for them to notice. Or how they clumsily knock down the vase in your house. Or how they love to sit on your laptop and won't move. Or how they sit on your books when you're trying to study. Or how they sit on anything. They are effortlessly CUTE!

You don't see many cats in Ireland. No strays. You see people walking dogs everywhere but no cats in sight. Well that's probably because walking and cats don't really fit in the same sentence. But I sorely do miss cats. You can see cats everywhere in Malaysia. A haven of cats. But if you do see a cat in Ireland, they are the cutest of living things! So fluffy and so fat! I miss cats.

The kitten I found at Anjung, Yaya

I've been thinking of adopting a cat, but how could I? I could barely keep myself fed. But then I found Neko Atsume, a a cat collecting game. The objective of the game, as its namesake, is to collect cats! When it first started trending, I had no idea why everyone was obsessed with it because it doesn't look at all that interesting. But then the day came when I downloaded the app.

This game got me hooked straight away. It's not really like a game. It's like having pets! You have to put out food and toys, and stray cats will be attracted to it. Then all you have to do is take pictures of the cats and brag to any friends who would listen. But why is it so addictive? Well, as a responsible cat lover, you'd want to keep your cats fed. You want to attract all the cats and take pictures of them. Like how celebrity parents flaunt their kids to the public, us cat lovers flaunt our cats around!

Like in real life, these cats are so sillyly (a word I made up) cute! Their interactions with the toys are so adorable that only if you were a monster would you not go 'aawwwww'. And the rare cats just make you jump in joy. You can't help but just check your phone every 10 minutes to see what plump and fluffy bundle of joy has visited your house.

Though these cats can't purr me warmth, their cute expressions are enough for now.
I miss cats.


  1. once a cat lover always a cat lover.

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