Feb 5, 2016

Nasi Goreng

2.22 p.m.

Nanti aku dah ada anak, kalau dia mintak duit dekat aku, kau sabar jap lah.
"ABAH DULU! Masa takde duit dekat Ireland tu, abah bangun pagi buat nasi goreng, jual. takde mintak mintak ni" Yes, itu lah yang aku nak kata dekat anak aku nanti. Padan muka dia.

Tapi sejujurnya, salah aku jugak. Tak rancang perbelanjaan aku betul betul. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and hey did I fail. But no worries, failure teaches you to be a better person, to learn from your mistakes, to make better decisions. And if I find myself in the same situation in the future, it's not a mistake. It's a choice.

I have dug my grave, now I have to lie in it. It's not that bad actually, it keeps me alert and active. Sekarang takde masa dah nak bukak mata pukul 8 pagi, lepastu merungut tidur balik sebab nak sambung mimpi. Now as soon as the alarm rings I have to get up and start cooking (after solat of course) then rush to class. No more snooze button.

I remember my teacher saying "Tun Dr. Mahathir tu, tidoq 4 jam ja satu malam!"
Pelik jugak la kan, how she knew that fact. Pernah ke wartawan tanya Tun, tidoq berapa jam satu malam? But now I get her point. To become successful, one must get up and chase your dreams and not just dream. Yes, the bed is comfortable and it just yearns your body but take a second and think.

If we wanted to lie down all day and do nothing, we'd better off just be dead don't we?

Yours truly,

Pengusaha nasi goreng tom yum.


  1. s4Y4 Suk4 l4RH B4c4 bl0G 4WuckZ!!.. X p3wN4RH M1ZS.. Cgt m3ND4L4m n p3N0H nG4n ec2 P3Nt1ng!!.. r3allY l0OK1ng F0RW4rd 4 D4 n3XT 1...

  2. sYaQ1t At1 b4c4 K0m3n YuN hahahahaha


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